Friday, March 7, 2014

BitSummit Nico Reactions 3/7

I got a chance to see the BitSummit presentation on Nico, but I showed up a little late, just in time to see John Baez from Behemoth speaking and onward. Here's a taste of some of the reactions from Nico commentators.

Behemoth - With very positive reactions, the audience was already aware of the games and liked what Baez had to say. Towards the end, in answer to a question about Kickstarter, he spoke realistically about the platform and this seemed to really resonate with the audience. I feel he left one of the best impressions throughout the night.

Game PV Stream - This was the meat of the show for much of the audience. Though many of these games have been around for a while, interest still ran high as many people discovered games or learned of new developments for older games. Every game sparked quite a bit of discussion and there was a positive response to learning about games getting English language releases.

I'm wondering if Edelweiss put together this reel as they have for conventions in the past?

Comcept/Keiji Inafune/Inti Creates - People were interested in Mighty no. 9 and happy to see some alpha footage, but there was a bit of confusion as the presentation rolled into the reveal of Azure Striker Gunvolt from Inti Creates for 3DS. Nevertheless, Gunvolt left a good impression.

Kickstarter - After a quick-cut English only promo video of prominent Western developers left the Japanese audience absolutely bewildered, Crane rightly focused his presentation on sharing hard numbers about the performance of video game projects on Kickstarter. The audience seemed very interested in it from a logical standpoint. Inafune returned to speak passionately about Kickstarter, but his 'dream's come true' impressions were met with some cynicism.

Unity / Sony Computer Entertainment / Q-Games - This presentation was pushed back a few times to the disgruntlement of the audience. Though reactions to Unity's portion of the presentation was positive many were upset by how much Unity factored into Sony's indie plans. Still, many were impressed when shown some of the actual games developed with Unity, I think many thought it was only for phone games.

Black Tower - The Black Tower presentation was bizarre and the Nico translator had trouble keeping up with what was being said. A lame joke was made about Black Tower sounding like Bacon Tower and that's about the only thing that got through to anyone. One Japanese commenter's joke about 'Bacoins' later and I was assured that the differences between human beings can never outweigh the similarities.

Microsoft - The audience got downright mean during the Microsoft presentation. Some commenters saw it as preying on Japanese talents without wanting to recognize Japanese gamers.

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