Friday, August 15, 2014

Edelweiss' C86 Indie Game PV Reel Commentary

Here's a lengthy sampling of what we have to look forward to in the doujin game corner of Comiket 86: Edelweiss' C86 Game PV Reel The first sixteen minutes or so of the video features Touhou spinoff games which certainly look fun, but disappointing since we won't be seeing them get the localization treatment they may deserve.

16:22 - A new vertical STG from Platine Dispositif seems to fuse older arcade action with PD's unique style. Although I prefer newer style shooters, considering the game's pedigree, I expect some solid action from this title.

17:56 - While at first blush, this might seem like a platformer with a bit much focus on action, as a follow-up to Zenith Blue's Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae it seems to improve on that style of action with environment and enemy variety. Regardless, this is another game sure to give you some solid action.

19:03 - Rose and Camellia is a hilarious sim from Nigoro. It was actually my gateway to La Mulana. :3 House in Fata Morgana is a beautifully engaging and disturbing VN from Novectacle that has recently found a localization partner in Mangagamer. Overjoyed to see them come together.

20:49 - From Edelweiss themselves, here's a new Fairy Bloom Freesia game. It seems to be sprite-based this time, but the action looks quite similar. It looks like there's a greater focus on multiple combatants this time though with a wider field of view to support it.

22:06 - Well! This is...Well! Apparently this from Endless Shirafu and...(o_o') maybe is related to Akeshicverse?

23:13 - Here's another odd one that seems like it'd be enjoyable if one knew what was going on. Those are definitely some cute graphics shooting for a fun casual concept.

24:43 - In the first few seconds, you can see what seems like competent ninja platforming action going on in the background, but the bulk of the PV is a gag.

25:43 - Happy to say Fault Milestone One is already licensed for English audiences and on the way care of Sekai Project! We get a better look at the dialogue meat of the game here than some of the flashier previews I've seen though.

27:59 - And here's another Sekai Project has already snapped up for English-speaking audiences! Raiders Sphere 4th really snatches the eye of Ace Combat fans.

30:59 - We already have a lot of Astro Port games out now or soon care of Nyu Media and this one turns their trademark formula on its head with vertical format! I...I kind of have an STG problem...

32:04 - Akiragoya games pop up in these reels from time to time and some of you may be less than familiar with their brand of extremely NSFW STGs. Not sure which side of the line this one falls on, but it looks like a competent STG.

33:50 - Fans of Neo Aquarium will be excited about this. It looks like you'll have more roles to play in this follow-up.

34:51 - The logical side of me is wary of an anthology of dango-inspired minigames since such things tend to do many things adequately at best, instead of few things well, but I have to say it looks cute and would like it to be a fun and enriching experience.

36:37 - Fans of infinite runners should be interested in the perspective changes. Living human beings capable of empathy and emotion should enjoy the cut-scenes adding cute story context to the exercise.

37:18 - W-whoa! A fresh style of competitive puzzler wrapped in a fun and engaging package. Localization pubs, take notice of this one now!

38:37 - A success of a puzzle platformer really hinges on the balance between challenge and frustration and while that's hard to gauge from a video, it looks like there are enough varying elements involved with this one to keep the experiences fresh.

40: 39 -Well, this certainly looks cool and I like me some action platformers. I do have to worry the controls might be a bit finicky for the precision it seems to require, but I'm not seeing any particular red flags in the PV. Otherwise, it really adds some satisfying action elements to the mix.

41:22 - I like the art in this one, but the Flash technique is a bit awkward despite very expressive animation. I don't think it would detract while in the game though, which is key. The action bits are a mystery to me though, I'm not sure what's going on with the bar.

43:55 - Hard to say how satisfying it might be to play, but it looks intriguing and I like the art style.

45:54 - This has a cute art style and some nice variation to the action, but the controls may be a bit floaty from the look of things in the PV.

46:41 - The great thing about TorqueL is that just by watching a short clip of gameplay, you know how to play it and whether or not you'll enjoy it.

48:47 -This is incredibly cute and I can tell even from the PV that it has some very decent control and fun physics under the hood. Should be a really satisfying platformer.

50:20 - Are these more Touhou games? It can be hard to tell and I get overly cautious about determing whether a game is Touhou or not so I don't set myself up for disappointment.

52:29 - Well! That certainly is a military RPG.

54:34 - There's no way to tell whether a card game will be fun or not unless you actually play the game, but that's a clever use of Comipo characters and my deep and abiding love for Kawaiikochans certainly biases me to enjoy it.

56:32 -Ah, the art is really gorgeous, but large enemies could make this gameplay a bit frustrating.

57:29 - Looking like a good mix of Fez and Cave Story gameplay, I've really been interested in a localization of these games for a while now.

59:31 - It can be hard to get a read on these screenshot PVs at the end, but these all look like decent games that will get some better coverage soon.

Overall, I have to say this looks like the most solid Comiket presentation yet packed with games I want to play. It's also exciting to see so many games that are either licensed for localization already or coming from circles with other games already localized. Our publishers really are on top of what's new and exciting from the J-Indie realm!