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Japanese Indie PC Pubs & Devs

I'm trying to compose a list of localized Japanese indie PC games organized by publisher/distributor and developer so people can become better acquainted with them. Please let me know about inaccuracies or if you would like a game to be included.

Agatsuma Entertainment
Studio Saizensen - Umihara Kawase (Puzzle Platformer)
            Umihara Kawase Shun (Puzzle Platformer)
            Sayonara Umihara Kawase (Puzzle Platformer)

Carpe Fulgur
Cavyhouse - This Starry Midnight We Make 日本 (Celestial Simulation)
EasyGameStation - Chantelise 日本 (Action RPG)
            Recettear 日本 (Action RPG/Management Sim)
Lizsoft - Fortune Summoners 日本 (Action Platform RPG)

✪ Degica
Cave - Mushihimesama (Vertical STG)
MAGES. - Phantom Breaker (Beat Them Up)
Qute - Eschatos 日本語 (Vertical STG)
             Judgement Silversword (Vertical STG)
Shindenken (w/ Masaya Games) - Qualia 3 日本 (Evolution STG)
Triangle Service - XIIZeal (Verticle STG)
             (upcoming) DeltaZeal (Verticle STG)
Yotsubane - Crimzon Clover 日本語 (Verticle STG)

✪ Devolver Digital
MIST[PSI]PRESS & Mediatonic- Hatoful Boyfriend Remaster 日本 (Pigeon VN)
⚫ Moppin Tw - Downwell (Falling Action Platformer)

Suge9 - Vanguard Princess (2d Fighting)

Fruitbat Factory
Orange Juice - 100% Orange Juice 日本 (Table Game)
            200% Mixed Juice! 日本語 (RPG)
            QP Shooting Dangerous!! 日本 (Vertical STG)
            Sora 日本語 (Horizontal STG)
POMERA Studio - Magical Eyes – Red is for Anguish (Mystery VN)
tazigenCLOCK - ManaCollect 日本語 (Action Puzzler)
TORaIKI - 99 Spirits (Puzzle RPG)
             [Cage of Night, Weeping Demon's Bell] 日本 (Puzzle RPG)
Yakiniku Oh! Yeah! - War of the Human Tanks (Turn-based Strategy)
             [Alter, Limited Operations] 日本 (Turn-based Strategy)

Funktronic Labs
Kyoto (Audio)
Nova-111 (Turn-based Adventure)

G. Rev
Strania - The Stella Machina -

Desunoya - (Action Platformer)
MIST[PSI]PRESS - Hatoful Boyfriend 日本 (Pigeon VN)
Ruminant's Whimper - Hellsinker (Vertical STG)

LukPlus - Dagekio (STG)

Mangagamer Note: Titles linked are Non-Adult, but links may contain NSFW content.
07th Expansion - Higurashi When They Cry (Suspense VN)
            Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni (w/Eng patch by Spider Lily) (Suspense VN)
            Rose Guns Days (w/Eng patch by Witch Hunt) (Adventure VN)
            Umineko no Naku Koro ni (w/Eng patch by Witch Hunt) (Suspense VN)
Novectacle - (upcoming) The House in Fata Morgana 日本 (Gothic VN)

Mindware - Super Chain Crusher Horizon 日本 (Extreme Horizontal STG)

Kemco - Grinsia (RPG)
Studio Pixel - Cave Story+ (Run n' Gun)

Nyu Media
Atelier773 Tw- Cherry Tree High Comedy Club 日本語 (Social Adventure)
            [I!My!Girls!] 日本 (Social Adventure)
AlphaNuts - Sacred Tears True 日本 (RPG)
Astro Port - Armed Seven 日本 (Horizontal STG)
            Gigantic Army 日本 (Run n' Gun)
            Satazius  日本 (Horizontal STG)
            Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser 日本 (Horizontal STG)
Edelweiss - Ether Vapor Remaster 日本 (Rotary STG)
            Fairy Bloom Freesia 日本 (Platform Arena Combat)
PDW:HOTAPEN - Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm (Fighting)
Siter Skain - ALLTYNEX Series (Vertical STGs)
souvenir circ. - Croixleur 日本 (Arena Combat)
Strike Works - Tyranobuilder 日本語 (VN Engine)
Tennen-sozai - eXceed Series (Vertical STGs)
XTAL SWORD - Eryi's Action 日本 (Trapformer)

Playism - Note: Many of these titles are self-published localizations facilitated by Playism.
Artifacts - Magic Potion Explorer 日本語 (Strategy VN)
Astro Port - Witch-bot Meglilo 日本語 (Verticle STG)
Ayaemo - The Legend of Alfur 日本 (FPS)
Bluffman - Artifact Adventure (Retro-style RPG)
Cavyhouse - Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden! 日本語 (Organ Traffic Sim)
Cross Eaglet - Revolver360 RE:Actor 日本 (Rotational STG)
Dong - Nanosmiles 日本語 (Roaming Shooter)
Dracue Software - Armored Hunter Gunhound EX 日本 (Run n' Gun)
Edelweiss - Astebreed 日本 (Rotary STG)
            Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore 日本 (Platform Arena Combat)
Fly-System - Magical Battle Festa 日本 (Arena Brawler) - TorqueL 日本 (Puzzle Platformer) Breaks LP (Music Action)
illuCalab. - Takkoman 日本語 (Touhou Action Platformer)
Katatema - Demon King Chronicle 日本 (RPG)
Light Green 8 - Inaho Town: Dynamite Bomb (2D Fighter)
Loublat - Duldol (3d Puzzle Platformer)
Next-Soft+ - Rime Berta 日本 (SRPG)
Nigoro - La Mulana 1&2  (Action Puzzle Platformer)
Nonlinear - Starchaser 日本語 (Action Puzzle Platformer)
Nussoft - Neo Aquarium (Aquatic...)
ON - Black Box (Casual Puzzle)
Petit Depotto - Unholy Heights (Management Sim
Picorinne Soft - Infinos 日本 (Horizontal STG) 
Quad Arrow - EF-12 日本 (3D Fighting Engine)
Sakura Fubuki - Ninjustice (Action Strategy)
Satsu - Helen's Mysterious Castle 日本 (RPG)
Shindenken - I'm Gonna Be God of the Forest (Strategy)
            BiOruru 日本 (Physics Puzzle)
SmokingWOLF - One Way Heroics 日本 (Forced-Scrolling Roguelike)
            One Way Heroics Plus (Expansion)
⚫ Studio Pixel - Kero Blaster 日本 (Action RPG)
Team Shanghai Alice - Touhou Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character 日本語 (Verticle STG)
Team Tands+ - Hacker's Beat 日本語 (Rhythm)
Wakusei Marimo - i-20000 日本語 (Horizontal Sonar STG)
Zenith Blue - Mitsurugi Kamui Hakae (Arena Brawler)

Rockin' Android
Frozen Orb - Diadra Empty 日本 (Flip Arena STG)
Marsbound - Cloudphobia 日本 (Rotary STG)
Orange Juice - Suguri Series 日本(1v1 Arena STGs)
            Flying Red Barrel 日本(Vertical STG)
Platine Dispositif - Bunny Must Die! (Action Platformer)
            Gundemonium Series (Horizontal STGs)
Shindenken - Qlione (STG)

Sekai Project
Alice in Dissonance - fault milestone one (Sci Fi/Fantasy VN)
            (upcoming) fault milestone two (Sci Fi/Fantasy VN)
Atelier773 Tw - (upcoming) Cherry Tree High Girls' Fight (Card Fight Sim)
Denneko Yugi - Machina of the Planet Tree -Planet Ruler- 日本語 (RPG)
Desunoya - (upcoming) Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon 日本語 (Action Platformer)
            Reverse x Reverse 日本語 (Dual Chara Platformer)
ebi-hime - The Way We All Go (Horror Romance)
Fastermind Games - Moonshot (Sci Fi Noir)
Freakily Charming - Hitomebore (Monster girl VN) 
IDHAS - Rising Angel: Reborn Extended (Sci Fi VN)
nostalgia - (upcoming) Kokonoe Kokoro 日本語 (Monster girl VN)
LizArts - (upcoming) Resette’s Prescription 日本語 (Pn'C Adventure)
            (upcoming) Memory's Dogma (VN)
Love in Space - Sunrider [Mask of Arcadius] (Tactics VN)
            Sunrider Academy (Tactics VN)
Lupiesoft - The Reject Demon: Toko (Comedy VN)
NEKO WORKs - NEKOPARA vol. 1 日本語nsfw (Comedy VN)
            (upcoming) NEKOPARA vol. 0 (Comedy VN)
PacoProject - (upcoming) PacaPlus 日本 (Alpaca VN)
Rectangle - (upcoming) Raider's Sphere 4th 日本  (Air Combat Sim)
Rosemary House - (upcoming) Witch Boy Magical Piece 日本語 (BL VN)
S.R.L. - (upcoming) WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera- (Dramatic VN)
Spicy Tails - World End Economica 日本 (Economic VN)
Stage-nana - Narcissu 1st & 2nd 日本(Dramatic VN)
             Ame no Marginal 日本(Dramatic VN)
Winged Cloud - Sakura Spirit (Fantasy VN) (upcoming) Sakura Angels (Fantasy VN)
Zero Zigen - (upcoming new release) Koenchu!-The Tale of the Voice Actress- (Voice Actress VN)

southzone - The King of Social Game 日本 (Management Sim)
southzone - Sales and the City 日本 (Management Sim)

Ikaruga 日本 (Vertical STG)

Nom Nom Galaxy (Soup Management Sim)
Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate (Strategy)
Pixeljunk Shooter (Puzzle STG)
Pixeljunk Eden

Xinoro - Miko Gakkou: Second Year 日本 (Rhythm Dodging)

✪ Self-Published/Unsorted Note: If these belong to an official source, let me know.
⚫ Dot Warrior Games - Block Legend (Puzzle RPG)
Morning Bread - Roaming Dragon Island 2 日本 (Competitive RPG)

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